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Santa Days Parade (Puyallup/Sumner)

Each year instead of doing a Christmas recitial with more fees and creating less time for improving dancing skills, Riot Dance Center participates in the Puyalup and Sumner's Santa Days Parade. Dancers who are interested may sign up. There are 2 rehersals on weekends prior to the parade and jackets and accesories are purchased through the studio for a small fee. Parent volunteers are welcomed to help walk with us in the parade. This is such a fun experience for dancers of ALL AGES to participate in!


As a studio, we love helping dancers excell by making as much time to practice skills and dancing in classes as possible. This is why we have an optional performance during Christmas time to help familes save money and to help dancers continue improving in their classes.

June Performance

Riot Dance Center offers one big performance a year. We have decided only one, to help families save expenses and to focus more on dances technical skills throughout the year instead of only working on routines. Our performances may be held at Mt. Tahoma. Ticket sales start May 14th for $20 a piece (cash or check) and $25 when sold at the door. All routines extra rehearsal will be held June 9th starting at 10:00am. A packet of costumes, hair, makeup, accessories, and more information is at the studio. Picture week will be held prior to the show. Our competition team will also be featured within this performance, but all our recreational dancers are able to participate.

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