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Class Descriptions


Pre Ballet/Tap                                 
Ages 3-5  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement and basic positions and skills of both ballet  and tap.
Pre Hip Hop   
Ages 3-5.  Basic Hip Hop skills with high energy dancing and creative movement.

Beginner Tumbling
For all ages. There is no tumbling or gymnastics skill or training necessary. Works on forwards and backwards rolls, cartwheels/roundoffs, chin stands, and starting back and front walkovers.

Intermediate Tumbling

For all ages. Either a front or back walkover is needed to register for this class. Works on back and front walkovers, acro skills, handstands, etc.

Advanced Tumbling

For all ages. Both a front and back walkover are required to register for this class. Works on acro skills, back flexibility/strength, back handsprings, back tucks, side and front aerials, etc.


Works on flexibility style tricks with balancing. Contortion type skills. 

Beginner Tap

For ages 5 and up. Works on the basic fundamentals of tap.

Intermediate Tap
For ages 6 and up that have tapped for a year or more. Must be given permission by an instructor.

Jazz Tech

For levels 4-6. Works on perfecting the dance techniques used in jazz. Strength and flexibility are focused on as well as correcting form to improve technique and skill.


Stretch & Strength
Levels 2 and up. Must ask permission before registering. Works primarily on strengthening specific muscle groups required for different dance skills and stretching different areas of the body.

Tricks & Jumps
Levels 2 and up with teacher permission. Works on new dance tricks and jump/leaps.

Hips, Toes, & Turnout 

Level 2+. This class provides additional help in improving a dancers turnout and feet. Learn how to work through the articulations of the feet to provide arch support, as well as increasing strength in the hips to aid in turnout.

Levels 2 and up with teacher permission. Works on the basics of turning and progresses to harder turn combinations baised on individual dancers needs. Helps correct form for turns and improved and increase rotations.

Levels 3-6. Works on improving learning time and retention on dance combinations. Varies betrween styles each week; jazz and lyrical/contemporary


Teen Classes

For dancers 12 years and older who have never  trained in dance. This is a beginner llevel class for teen dancers that works on flexibility, skills, and technique.

  • Ballet/Jazz

  • Hip Hop



A techniqual style of dance that uses precise and highly formalized steps to create graceful and fluid movements. Black leotard, pink tights, split sole leather ballet shoes, and hair in a slicked bun are required for levels 2 and up.



*Teacher approval required* Experienced ballet dancers may take this class to work with point shoes and strengthening ankles.



An upbeat style of dance that encompasses different elements of ballet. Ballet is highly recommended to take as well with this class.


Hip Hop

A street styled dance primarily performed to hip-hop music. Focuses on dynamics, rhythm, syncopation, and stage presence.


Isabel IMG_0654 quick edit.jpg
Summer classes - August 5th-28th
Age Divisions
Levels are seperated by both age and skill level/dance

 Pre Dance:         3-5 yrs *must be potty trained
 Level 1:               6-7yrs
 Level 2:               7-9 yrs
 Level 3b:             9-12 yrs
Level 3a:              9-12 yrs

 Level 4/5:           13-15 yrs
 Level 6:           14-18 and up

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